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Re: SCAM: Fake Virgin Media Email

Thanks savik2.


Did you forward the phishing email to


It's always best to send these over to our team so they can investigate and hopefully get these stopped.



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Re: SCAM: Fake Virgin Media Email

@coenoby wrote:


3) Dictionary programs that generate email addresses. The program can create thousands of names and combinations of letters which combined with '' (and the other legacy VM domains) will provide a great distribution list if you want to scam VM customers. And at virtually no cost!  Of course many of the addresses will not be valid but many of them will be.

A couple of years ago I wrote one of these myself to demonstrate how easy it is to make lists (computers are good at that).  500 bytes of code generates 16,000+ emails (in less than a minute).  Some of the results from the program are elsewhere on these boards (obviously they aren't real emails; it was written as a demonstration, which isn't on here as that would be extremely irresponsible) but with a few simple alterations huge lists of possible email combinations can be generated.  If I throw in more surnames or initials (e.g. a_bloggs is different to a.bloggs), underscore separators (_) or period separators (.)  I can generate even more. The more forenames you have, the bigger the list.  The 16,000+ list is created just by using 51 random forenames, 25 random surnames and 13 random ISP's.  It doesn't work on Windows and isn't for sale.  Spam has been covered extensively on here over the years and if you have plenty of time on your hands, makes interesting reading.

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