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Public hotspot use for children


I am trying to control the amount of time my 13 yrs old son spends online.

I have allowed certain times of day to be allowed to use the wi-fi at home via MAC filtering but as soon as his time is up he is logging on to available Virgin hotspot nearby and continues to use his phone through the night which affects his resting time.

This is affecting his daily routine and concentration at school and everything else as result of chronic tiredness.

Last time to stop him using hotspot I canceled his Virgin Mobile and went for other network, as the tech. support told me there is no way that his number  / phone to be barred from using hotspot.

Now he is using the hotspot as part of my Virgin Media Home broadband account.

Is there a way to stop his device connecting to a wifi hotspot or do I have to cancel my Virgin account all together and go for another provider?

I like your service but my son's well being is more important at this stage of his life

 Please help.


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Re: Public hotspot use for children

As far as I know, in order to use the VM hotspot with your home VM broadband credentials, he will need to have the VM connect app installed on his phone.  In addition he will need to know your primary VM username and password to configure the VM connect app if he doesn't have a valid VM SIM card installed.

So the first thing to do is change your primary password and don't tell him what the new one is.

I am a VM customer. There are no guarantees that my advice will work. To say thanks click the kudos thumb. If I have solved your problem please click the helpful answer button.
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Re: Public hotspot use for children

EDIT:   Just realised what I typed originally was rubbish Smiley Happy

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Re: Public hotspot use for children

You don't need Connect installed to use Hotspots.   I haven't got it on my phone and I can connect to next door's Hotspot with no problem.  In fact the only time I had a problem connecting to Hotspots was when I did have Connect installed.  I'm not even logged into the Mobile account app on my mobile, only to my Google account and next door's hub connects if I switch mine off.  

For the Original Poster, can't you just take his phone off him at bedtime?  I know it's a silly question but it's not really Virgin's fault that he's ignoring your instructions.    

I'm ancient I know and didn't have the internet when I was a kid but if my dad told me to put my book down and switch the light off I tended to do it because otherwise I knew I'd be in a lot of trouble.

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