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Possible home phone SCAM that may accrue phone bill costs

I received a call today from an Asian sounding person. They said that someone had hacked into my Amazon account around 10pm last night and had ordered a mobile phone. Did I receive Amazon’s emails that they sent earlier today trying to help me with the issue. I said no, I had not received the emails. They asked me to check my Spam folder which I did. There were 2 Spam Amazon emails in Spam from October last year and nothing more.

The Asian person said that they could help me to find the missing emails. I said to the person on the phone “How do I know you are from Amazon”. They answered “Because I am trying to help you”.

The Asian woman continued the conversation by asking me to carry out some instruction. I carried out the instructions and saw a window asking for permission to take over my computer. At that point I said No, I am not giving permission to take over my computer and if you are real, do send me an Amazon email.

I stopped the telephone call and then the phone rang again. The recorded message I received said that the person I was ringing was unavailable. I stopped the call.  The below message flashed on my phone screen.


Out of Area

15 JAN 16-18”

I stopped the call.

I need someone to check the account to see if any calls are appearing on the account and accruing a debt.

I cannot find any option via a phone-call to Virgin to help with this matter.

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Re: Possible home phone SCAM that may accrue phone bill costs

Just another scam. I anyone contacts you for any unexpected reason by email or phone always contact the company directly from their website email address. If you are contacted by phone find the official company phone number and use that, preferably from a different phone line or mobile. If that is not possible then wait for an hour or so and call the company directly using their official phone number, never allow remote access on tour PC unless you have directly contacted your support agency ie Microsoft Support,


I hope VM can investigate this one for you.

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