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BT hacker?????

I have been phoned a couple of times now on my Virgin land line by BT(????). They say they are the main conduit for Virgin and my internet will be stopped because (a) there are 14 devices on line and (b) I am being hacked from Manchester.......

He wants me to bring in my PC so that he can upgrade my internet.

Being stupid, I asked for the cost - he said no charge.

I have the phone number he calls from.

What is the scam here????

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: BT hacker?????

Hi Labbett, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community. I can confirm this indeed is not a legit call and indeed a scam, thanks for being vigilant. 


Have you registered with the TPS? 


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Re: BT hacker?????

@Labbett wrote:

What is the scam here????

They will ask you to allow them to access your computer remotely and then install malware of some sort. That may well allow the bad guys to discover your passwords, account id's, email addresses, you name it really.

Also, even though the guy said there would be no charge the fact is that once he had his virtual hands on your computer he would almost certainly have claimed to have discovered something that required you to pay a substantial fee for the problem to be 'resolved'. Also by giving your debit card details including the 3 digit CVC code he would have all the information needed to empty your account.

"I have the phone number he calls from."

Actually, no you don't. What you do have is the number that appeared in caller display or was reported when you dialed 1471. The problem is that scammers always fake that number to cover their tracks.  The call was almost certainly from overseas but could have been from anywhere.

The lesson to take away is always assume that any unsolicited on unexpected call is fraudulent, whoever they claim to be and however convincing they sound. Smiley Frustrated



I am just another Virgin Media customer.
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