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Who is the contact for complaints?

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Who is the contact for complaints?


I was sold an excellent package deal with virgin broadband and phone contract on 15th December. Sadly virgin have not upheld there end of the deal and it is a complete shambles. 


It is now 25th January and not worth the hassle with the numerous issues.


I want to complain to someone that is bothered. As the people at the call centre are happy for me to cancel and don't see an issue with what I have been through.


I am not a horrible person and have no been rude to them. Quiet frankly the call is upsetting as you cost me money that I now have to sort out due to now needed to go back to my old provider.





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Hi @Rachb499

Welcome to the community forums. 

Sorry to hear that you have not received the support when calling. Can you advise a little on what your complaint is regarding? Was your package part of a installation/new customer deal or was this an existing customer deal contract renewal?

If new installation, has your installation been completed and you are being billed incorrectly? 

No I didn't even get to the stage of installation, there was 2 attempts/visits to install but nothing was sorted 1st attempt found the line but was needed to work at height so 2 people would be needed. The last visit, only 1 person booked for visit, he called head his office and he then said didn't even need to come, as the install date in February was the one going forward due on my contract but said he would be able to do the job one his own. I rang call centre to confirm 2 people would of arrived in February as I don't want to waste any time, she couldn't confirm if there was a 2 person visit but the visit was confirm for begin of February.

Secondly and Most importantly I was a new customer, the sales team said they will cancel my contract with Vodafone on my behalf and pay for any cost of coming out of the contract. This is important to me, this is always an helfy expense. On being billed by vodafone for coming out of my contract I called the centre to ask what is being done to cover this, I was told they will only take £4 off my bill for the next 18 months.... that did not cover what I am paying out of my contract so all though you would have provided me with 1gb Internet you weren't going to be cheaper. Which is why I brought into the deal sold to me.

It was also ment to come with a o2 contract, 2 call centre said the sim card was on its way... After the call where I cancelled everything. I was told that nothing has been set up so would need to get that sorted... the question I was asked to set up a sim, i had already been asked, so what happened here? Th le call centre didn't explain.

Currently I havnt been charged for anything and quiet frankly I shouldn't be charged for anything. I have had an email saying I havnt been charged either.

I unfortunately won't be coming over to Virgin media now which it frustrating as you are the highest Internet provider in my area. But there need to be huge improvement to the whole process before I think about joining again.










Thank you for reaching out and letting us know this we are sorry to hear this.

We wouldn't normally cancel an account with another provider sorry.

Even know you are no longer coming to us, we can look at making a complaint for you to the install team.

I will send you a PM to get this raised,  please look out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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Alessandro Volta

There's no need to cancel your contract with Virginmedia, if you still want it after you've experienced their customer service. You are not bound by it and you can cancel it without penalty any time until 14 days after it is installed and working. 

By letting it run you will continue to build up every day the amount of compensation you are legally entitled to.