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Walsall Broadband Service Shocking

I don’t know what is going on with my areas broadband service but it really needs to get sorted. Three months now of intermittent service.

Sometimes there is recognised faults in my area, sometimes there is nothing reported on service status. However support seem to know there is a service issue every time I speak to them. 

Service can be intermittent for hours or days at a time. I’m on 350mb service but affects my neighbour as well on the 100mb service. 

In this day and age, we rely on so much internet services for pleasure and work that this type of service is really bad.

Been down for two hours so far without any ETA for fix and no service issues listed on website, again. But it’s ok, it’s christmas Day , kids can’t play on their Christmas presents online with friends, family can’t watch Netflix/amazon, wife can’t listen to her Christmas tunes from Spotify, can’t hear visitors at the door with my Ring doorbell, can’t receive any house alarm alerts when we are out, can’t view my cctv when I’m away from the house!!

15 years we have been customers, but this is the worst service we have ever had. Never dreamt of cancelling service before, but this really takes you to the limit. Just sort it out 

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Re: Walsall Broadband Service Shocking

Hi Deanstanley,


Thanks for getting in touch, I am sorry to see you have been having trouble with your connection.


I have taken a look and there are a few things going on.Firstly it seem you are affected by fault ref F006738262 for slow speeds at peak times, the current review date is 25 JUL 2019. These type of faults can be quite complex to resolve so can have a long lead time. I can also see that your downstream power levels are way too low and the upstreams too high. I would like to get an engineer out to take a look at this for you. Please be aware this will not help the slow speed issue but it should help the connection outside of peak hours.


I will pop you a Pm to get this arranged. Keep an eye out for the Purple Envelope top right hand corner. 


Speak to you soon. 



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