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Virgin charging me?

Hello I have been waiting for my installation for over 3 weeks now, and I was told 3 days before the 20th October by virgin media staff online that before my installation date of 20th October there was no reason I should have been home, in that time my phone network was down, today I wake up to wait for my installation and then I check my appointments and virgin have changed my installation date to 6th of November and Im being charged £25 on top of my next bill. I was told by VM staff I didn't need to be home before the 20th and now I'm having to deal with being in my flat alone with nothing to do as well as having to fork out more money when I've been let go of my job and am now on universal credit. This isn't fair on me, and this is making my mental health worse.

Account Number:[removed]

Area Ref:12

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Re: Virgin charging me?

Thanks for the post Aohagan and welcome to our community.


Did the team advise of the reason for the delay in installation? 


We run the automatic compensation scheme by Ofcom which should credit you for any failed installation appointments. 


In regards to the first bill there's more information on this here.


Thanks, Emily.