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Virgin broadband in separate room to TV?

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Hi there, 

So I’m having Virgin installed soon for the first time in my area and I’m a little concerned. 

I have one cable coming from what looks like the phone pole across the road down the side of the house to a box.

my question is will I be able to have the broadband in my office at the front of the house (wired essential from the hub) and have the tv downstairs at the back of the house?

from what I had on an old property I had 2 coax cables from the outside box and one to one room for BB and another to a different room for TV, is this still possible as the setup video looks like they want everything plugged into the hub?

thank you


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Typically VM would fit a splitter to the service cable and run 2 coax cables 1 to the room with Internet Hub plus 1 to room with the TV equipment.

Perfect, that's exactly what I'll need. Thanks for clarifying

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Very Insightful Person

If the TV box is some distance from the hub the WiFi may not be adequate. The best answer is to have an Ethernet cable run from the hub to the TV. If you cannot do this yourself, then any competent electrician can do it as VM will nor run Ethernet cable for you.

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Yeah thats fine, I will be having a mesh network across the house so WiFi won't be an issue