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Virgin Media not available only in my house on the whole street

Joining in

Just moved to new place and all neighbours have VM available to install but only my house is unavailable on the street. 

I tried calling sales team but they are useless. My last option was twitter team that pointed me here. Is there any reason why only one house is in blackout or if there is anyone that can have a look at this situation? Other than automated answer?

Really missing VM speeds at the new place.


Tuning in

Yep, I am in the same boat as you even though I live in a SemiDetatched house.  Good luck getting anything done about it.

VM seem to rely heavily on contractors to install their cable, if they think it is too difficult they mark you as unserviceable.  Every install has a cost cap to ensure they can make money (fair enough) but it doesn’t help when trying to get information from VM about the reason. 😞

I believe they can send a person round for an assessment, how you go about this I am yet to find out.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @tudrussel 

Welcome to the community forums 

Sorry to hear that your property has been marked as unserviceable when your neighbours have a Virgin Media service.  There can be many reasons for this, from construction issues, declined permits/permissions or the area itself already being at customer capacity and so we aren't accepting new customers in the area at this time. 

If available, the sales team would be able to send out a spotter to access if the property is serviceable, though if this has already been accessed recently, there would not be the option to book a spotter unfortunately. 

Do you live in a flat or a flat that was converted from a home or do you live in a whole home? 

Hi Carley,
Thanks for your comment. 
The frustrating part is that they never sent anyone to have a look at the situation in the house. I can see the neighbour box that is less than 10 meters from my living room.
There are three flats in this converted house so they could have three customers from one address but the sales people are not interested once they know it is not easy commission and I couldn't find any other option to request the visit.

Twitter team recommended I check here but I don't think it will lead anywhere - they just passed the buck.

Looks like I'm stuck with EE hoping they will upgrade the exchange soon so I can get some decent speeds.

Thanks for your help!


Hi tudrussel, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that you are having issues obtaining the service. 

Can you contact the sales team so that a spotter can be arranged. 

The can be contacted on 0800 052 0422

The will come out and access if it is viable to install the service. 

Kind regards, Chris. 

So it's not a house then, it's a flat. This is a really important distinction and there's no benefit to not disclosing that sort of information at the start.

In this newly converted building, did the developer create any cable routes from the ground floor up to each apartment where additional cabling could be run? Do you know who owns the freehold and would have to agree to any works taking place such as external cabling on the building? VM will need to know this before they can assist, though they may also decide that it's not worth the effort.