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VM Broadband via OFNL

Tuning in


Recently had VM Broadband installed through our existing OFNL fibre to the house infrastructure and I was surprised by the ‘legacy’ DOCSIS equipment used. I know VM is rolling out XGS-PON connections and would have thought for an area that is new to VM, they would have taken the opportunity to install the latest kit. The infrastructure is more than capable, as that is what previous providers have offered through the same fibre line.

It was a bit of a shock when the installer pulled out a coax cable and had to replace an attenuator to get a decent connection. Speed and connection to the internet seems similar, the downside, for me, is the neatness of the install. With the extra cables taking up more room and not as flexible as Ethernet cables, I can’t get everything back into the wall box where the previous kit was installed, nor can I move the hub to another room connected back to the ONT/ONU via Ethernet.

Any ideas from the community on when the next generation connection roll-out is going to be expanded and offered to existing customers?



I forgot to add, did the virgin postcode checker show your location as available? 

In my area OFNL says up to 900Mb. 

When VMO2 first arrived in the area we got canvassed by their sales reps, and leaflets through the door. In one day we had 2 separate sales reps knock on our door trying to sell the service. Similar to you the post code did not show on the website, but the service could be ordered through the sales rep. It did take a few months but now the post code shows on the VMO2 as being available for install.

Regarding the actual service, you may get lucky and get a full fibre install, as they are supposedly rolling out the service to some areas, but I don’t think you would know until the engineer turned up to connect you, unless you know neighbours that have already gone through the process and can ask them. 

@Gmartin wrote:

Hi Martyn,

Thanks for sharing, is it really going to be a “full Fibre”, XGS-PON Connection? Are you part of the trial?

Having a fibre line into the property doesn’t automatically mean XGS-PON, you may find that they convert back to copper for connection to the Hub.

I have twin fibres coming into the house as part of the OFNL (new build) install, VM02 have taken over one of the lines to offer their services, Fibre line is plugged into an ONT/ONU and then a copper cable is connected from that to the Hub. I have noticed quite an increase in latency with VM02, throughput is still high, compared to my previous provider. Reading through the forum, this is common with DOCSIS. Would be interested in latency with XGS-PON connections?

FTTP just means fibre all the way to the premise, and what happens inside the premise is irrelevant. Furthemore what protocols are used is not the issue, fibre is like a pipe - it's just a carrier. VM's current FTTP is mainly for RFoG but will be fully migrated to XGS-PON at some point several years from now.

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that’s interesting, we haven’t had any sales reps knocking on the door or any leaflets but the service has only just been installed in the village so maybe it will get extended to our estate as a second phase. Fingers crossed virgin media can shed some light on future availability for my estate. 

Hi jward2503, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

We are happy to hear that you are looking at taking out the service with us, once we have the infrastructure in place we will be in touch once connected to the network, 

You can register with cable my street here 


are there plans to have infrastructure on my street installed?

If you follow the above link you can register your interest.

We are are always growing an investing in our network so any future builds could very well happen its worth registering. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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