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Signed up to trial VM, but the boundary staff have no clue about PIA

Dialled in

So.. signed up for the VM trial yesterday, and our area is pretty much all PIA, but when I got the text to send boundary information over the person was adamant that someone would have to come and pre-inspect it, and then someone would have to come and dig up my driveway, I told them that is fine, Ill even lift up the slabs myself, but why would they do this if they are using Open Reach's pole??

Have an install date booked for 28th.. now come to think of it, is it the installers that do this? since it's just coming from the pole? or does it need virgin engineering to come? since nothing would require to be dug up, just for them to pull the cable along the existing Open Reach cable and drill a hole in the wall I assume?

Has anyone else had PIA experience?


thanks in advance.

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig1 (XGSPON)

I am quite surprised at the size of that ETB they installed, lot of plastic for just a cable run, with no need for an ONU (Judging by what I see in the photos) it seems a little strange that they haven't thought of something smaller for the side of the house. I preferred the old design, or maybe giving it a bit of a modern refresh, probably me being picky but hey ho. 

Fibre optic

It's because it's connectorized and they have to have somewhere to store 15m of slack cable.