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Reconnection taking longer than 72 hours!

We were originally leaving virgin to join sky as we had issues with the tv pixelating and terrible WiFi connections, boosters didn’t help, and we never got much help from virgin to resolve the issue. We gave our notice but due to coronavirus sky couldn’t be fitted, so I contacted virgin on 1st April to ask if we could extend our time with them until June 3rd which the lady said was fine and extended it, on Friday May 1st all our services were disconnected, so I called virgin who advised our services had indeed been disconnected because the lady I spoke to had put in the wrong date! I asked to b reconnected to which they said could take 24-72 hours, we were paid up until 14th May as they had taken the direct debit that day too!! But by monday 4th May still nothing! I was then told it’s 72 WORKING hours so we were looking at wednesday, I wasn’t happy and spoke to a manager who was unhelpful and told me nothing he could do, we just have to wait. By Wednesday still no service so I called again, which I might add takes forever as there is a high call volume, I was told there’s a backlog so could be Friday!!! The operator also told me that I also had £65 credit on my account but they still couldn’t connect us!! So they have our money but they can’t flick a switch to connect it again? Friday came, still no service, I called and was told someone would call within 24 hours to ask mandatory questions to get us connected again? An hour later I had a call from a man from virgin asking to collect our ‘old’ equipment! I explained that we were not being disconnected, so again I rung virgin to ask why I received this call, the man was very helpful said not to worry about that it’s an automatic thing that happens and to ignore it, he also tried to see if could get us back on quicker as it’s been over a week but no he couldn’t, I asked if my call had been logged earlier that day which it had but no mention of a call back within 24 hours and it’s unusual to have a call back to ask questions about being reconnected so again I had been fobbed off with a lie! So again we are waiting and it’s bank holiday so will probably be until monday now even though they tried to say that department work weekends when I had already been told they don’t! I have 3 children and I have to work from home so we are currently having to put £5 a day on our phones for data just so I can work and the children can do their school work, plus no tv! This is just disgraceful customer service especially when they are sitting on our money! I’m really not happy not to mention stressful with my work on my case, please someone help, I don’t seem to be getting anywhere and no one seems to care when you call, they just want to get you off the phone, not good enough virgin and you can expect a bill for the data we have had to pay for! Nicky

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Re: Reconnection taking longer than 72 hours!


If you send me your details in a PM I'll try to get someone to call you.

To PM me, just hover over my profile picture and click Send Message when the option comes up. Please don't post any personal info in this thread as it's public.

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