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Quick question regarding the V6 box

Just got a new PC and my virgin hub is downstairs so I’m not able to to connect the Ethernet cable to my PC. Is it possible to plug an Ethernet cable into the back of my V6 box and connect that to my PC for a wired connection? I notice on the back there is a socket labelled ‘internet’ so just wondering if doing this would solve my internet issues.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Quick question regarding the V6 box

The V6 has one ethernet port and that does not have Modem properties so cannot be used for the PC. The port is used to connect the V6 to the Hub for a stable connection between the two.

Best bet is run a Cat 6 cable to the same room as the PC then a switch then ethernet cables from the switch to V6 and PC.

You could use Power Line Adaptors from the Hub to the room with the PC and hope that you get a decent connection between them.

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