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Pre install team nightmare

Tuning in

I ordered my broadband on the 27th September 2021 for my new home. My next install date is January 10th 2022

The 9th October was my install date. The VM installer came and saw that the cable which had been cut from my new home needed to be installed, he noted that there must be a blockage which needs completing before he can install.

4 promised install dates later and I’m still getting VM installers sent to my house looking to install and discovering that the works needed to complete the job have not been done. Each time someone turns up the same scenario unfolds. I have spoken to the pre install team many many times which ends in a promise with a new date, which is never met.

I have also had promises of phone calls from technicians, managers and area managers which never happen.

My next install date is 10 January 2022. Baring in mind I’m clinically vulnerable and both me and my wife are working from home and we have no internet. They sent a 4g sim for us to use in the meantime which is next to useless. This is beyond acceptable to treat people like this. Stringing them along with false dates. Each time no-one contacts to say what’s going on. The pre-install team are a mess.

The customer service is terrible, hours upon hours of waiting, passing me through to the wrong departments and having to start the process again and again.

Sometimes I get put through to other departments and after explain my issues they are very understanding explaining ‘I would have left by now’…

23rd December, they have sent the wrong team out again. They can't do their job because of blockage, no surpise.


Other outsourced teams who came to lay the wire’s, but can’t because the unblockage team never turn up say, 'you should threaten to leave because they start pushing through things faster'. Is this really the process that needs to be taken? Something is not right here, surely they aren’t prioritising people who falsely threaten cancellations over people who have been patiently waiting for install for over 3 months?I have no other options left I feel like I have no power in this situation. My complaints are yet to be replied too. 

My complaint on the 2nd November has vanished. 


Tuning in

They finally did some work outside the house by the looks of it and I was thinking tomorrow might actually be the day as they had confirmed the 25th jan date for install... BUT, just been notified install will now be on the 17th February... as they need to do more work....

Wow, just wow.

Just a reminder that this was ordered on the 27th September 2021...

Just updating for anyone going through something similar, which wouldn't be a suprise.

Really sorry for all the issues caused here,

From reviewing our services I can see that there is an appointment booked in for you.

Once that is completed you should be able to receive your installation. We will notify of any cancellations prior to the set date you have that could potentially reduced the time before you receive our service.

I can see that you have a complaint raised regarding the delay, this has been assigned to the correct team also to get this installation sorted.

Apologies again and take care,



It might be comparatively rare, but that's only because once a service is working it generally carries on working, it's making changes that are the problem.

I've just been told my landline has to be plugged into the hub from April, but the phone is downstairs and the hub is upstairs.  Running a cable through the house has been suggested but is not acceptable, and having to move the phone upstairs is almost as bad.  There have been 15 posts and four different people repeatedly not reading what I write, and repeatedly telling me the phone has to be plugged into the hub (which I'm not disputing), and failing to tell me how I can keep the phone downstairs without running a cable.

I had to suggest moving the hub downstairs - three times before anyone picked up on it, telling them that's where the Tivo box is - twice when they asked me if I had Tivo, V6 or 360, before they agreed that could be done, and I would need a visit at £25 to do it.  But they still didn't say exactly what work would be needed to do that - holes in the wall?  Cables run from upstairs?  Just repeating I would have to get an engineer out.  Surely someone at Virgin must know how a hub and a Tivo box can be installed in the same location!

HI PaulH2011, 

For your hub and Tivo to be downstairs, you will need a tech to move, we cannot say how this will be done for certain as we do not know the layout of your home. We can try to help so you have more of an idea. 

Is the isolator plate (white plate where services come from) upstairs or downstairs? Or do you have two one for your hub one for your tv box?


Thanks - I have two, one upstairs for the hub and one downstairs for the Tivo.

This is a more helpful response than any of he others I received!  I had to suggest moving the hub downstairs with the Tivo as a solution as I was getting nowhere, but they still couldn't or wouldn't say what had to be done to do that except 'get an engineer in and pay £25'.  I accepted that would need to done for any work, but I wanted to know what work would be needed before I committed myself.  I could have asked if the two could use the existing downstairs plate using a splitter as one might with a TV aerial, or if a hole had to be drilled through the wall and a cable run to the external box where both upstairs and downstairs plates are currently cabled back to, but I shouldn't have to do that.  I have no idea if the first one is possible, or whether there are other ways of having the two together, but someone at Virgin must be able to say.


Update - I have received a response to the original thread which has answered my questions completely. They wondered why it's been going round and round like the Magic Roundabout (his phrase) as the solution is 'Bleedin Obvious' (his words). Exactly.

Hi PaulH2011
Thank you for reaching back out to us and for the update, what was advised and have you implemented it yet?



It was explained how the splitter (feeds the Tivo downstairs and the hub upstairs) currently in the external box could be moved inside with the Tivo so both hub and Tivo could be connected there, and leave the phone where it is.  Not due until April so I haven't done anything yet.

In that other thread where I first asked the question I was told I would have to pay £25 to make any changes, whereas now someone from the 'forum team' is saying:

"We can however install extensions in other rooms of your house that connect with the hub, so that you wouldn't need to run extension cables up and down stairs."

"the install can be arranged FOC as part of the home phone changeover process."

I've asked for more info on just how phones in various rooms can be connected to the hub without running cables.

Did this ever get resolved?


im going through something very similar. Initial install date was 19th August 2022, next planned date is 6th Feb 2023. 

absolute joke of a company

In the end I moved the phone base station upstairs with the hub so no cabling changes were needed.

As for "I've asked for more info on just how phones in various rooms can be connected to the hub without running cables." I heard nothing more.  But the obvious way of having multiple phones off one line is as I have which is a base station plugged into the hub and several 'dependants' which just plug into the mains for power.