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Pre-Installation Expectations

Joining in


Virgin fiber has been installed on my street for about a year. I've remain hesitant to sign up to contract as I've to give permission for some unknown workmen to come to my property and do some 'external works' at any time they deem suitable. I live in a house that has a tarmac driveway between the property and the fiber line on the street. Is there a way to determine what the external workmen will do to get the fiber line to the property?

I'd like the fiber line to enter the property beside the boiler & consumer unit under the stairs. This means the workmen would need to go through the boundary wall, follow the wall around the driveway (on the surface), go up and around the garage door, under the footpath, then enter in the property beside the gas meter. How likely is it that I'll manage to get them to do this? Are they generally quite happy to accommodate what you want or do they just want in and out and on to the next person ASAP?

Do I get a time slot for these visits or is it truly up to them like the contract suggests?




Alessandro Volta

If you're not there when they come to do the external work they will do what is easiest/quickest. But you can't be sure when they will come.

Only the internal work, which will be done later, will be on a fixed appointment. 

Oh, that doesn't sound desirable at all... Isn't worth the risk of them cutting up the driveway.

There's no way to put a plan in place for them to follow before they visit?

@Balerhon wrote:


There's no way to put a plan in place for them to follow before they visit?

No there isn’t and even if there was, the chances are that whoever is allocated the job (it’s all outsourced to third party contractors and sub-contractors); would be completely unaware of any ‘plan’ anyway and will just do whatever is quickest and easiest for them. Now if you happen to be home at the time, then you could intervene, but as external works doesn’t absolutely require you to be there, VM ‘may’ well give a date when it will happen, but this is not guaranteed, you could find yourself having to stay home for weeks to ‘catch’ them when, or if, they turn up.

Alessandro Volta

Normally they would avoid the trouble of cutting and repairing the driveway if there is an easy way of running around it. But having approached the garage and the footpath, all bets are off.