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Postcode Checker Possibly Wrong

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I have recently moved into a new build flat and am trying to weigh up my choices for broadband. Virgin Media would likely be my first choice but the postcode checker says that services are unavailable in my area.

I believe that this is incorrect as the flats are definitely within an area that has Virgin Media broadband available. There are houses on the same road to either side of the flats with Virgin Media installed, and the two properties that exisited in the very location the flats have been built on show up as having Virgin Media broadband available on the postcode checker.

The problem seems to be that the new flats have a different postcode to the rest of the properties on the same road, and the postcode doesn't seem to have been registered properly. I had the same problem with Openreach suppliers, who were continuously stating that fibre is unavailable in my area. After weeks of trying to convince them that fibre should be available to my flat, they eventually realised that there was an error with their records and that the flats are in an area where their services are available.

As I stated before, I believe that the exact same error is happening with Virgin Media. However, I have tried to explain the situation to Virgin Media customer services over the phone multiple times, but have not been given any possible solution to this problem. Is there any way to solve this please?

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If this is a new build and the Virgin Media cabling isn't already in place (as in you don't have any faceplates with VM logos on the walls) then I can almost guarantee that you can't be served.

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Forum Team

Hi @DanP27


Thanks for posting on our community forum!

Sorry to hear about your issue, if you have spoken to our team and they've advised that the property isn't serviceable this may be due to the fact the block of flats aren't already cabled up. I'd suggest registering your interest via the postcode checker and once enough interest is generated the team would be able to get your property cabled up.


My apologies for any inconvenience, the sales team can provide the most up to date information on 0800 183 1234



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