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Poor Install Quality, Property Damaged

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Had my services installed this week. The installer was a nice enough chap and did his best, but he was new on the job and caused some serious damage to one of my interior walls with a drill going way past the wall he was drilling and pushing through the other side and hitting an adjacent wall. This has caused a deep indentation of about 1 foot long in the adjacent wall which now needs filling, sanding and painting. This is going to cost me to get repaired and is a fair amount of work. 

On top of this, some of the install is sloppy - e.g from the virgin box on the wall there is a single cable to the router, but there are two cable runs (one to a 360 Tv one to the router) that are done. Instead of splitting at the wall box inside to take one cable to the router and one cable to the tv box, he has done 1 cable to the router then split again and run the cable back to the tvbox (effectively doubling back on the cable run!).

obviously I am more concerned about the damage than the messy cable run but I would like to get the at least compensation for the damage and a different engineer to come back and rectify the cable run so it’s not so messy  

I have pictures of the damage I can DM, but I’m having this repaired today.

How do I go about doing both?



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Forgot to add the reference for the complaint. 


Alessandro Volta

Under section 49 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, VM are legally obliged to deliver their service with reasonable care and skill, evidently that's not happened, and means VM are liable for any restitution costs for damage as per sections 54 and 56.  Forum staff can ask the Area Field Manager to resolve a sloppy install, and (if they choose) can arrange an account credit for reasonable repair costs, plus a goodwill payment of say £70 for the inconvenience.  

Unfortunately property damage is outside of the scope of the industry complaints adjudicator, so if VM faff about rather than just resolving amicably, then you'll need to read up on the process of making an online claim through the small claims track of the country court called moneyclaimonline (Citizens Advice would also be a good bunch to contact before this).  As a formality, if the forum staff can't resolve this on mutually agreeable terms, you would probably have to make a formal written complaint to VM before initiating court action - judges expect claimants to have tried to resolve things through such channels before resorting to court.

As a broad rule the forum staff are usually good at sorting these things out, that's quicker and easier for everybody concerned.

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Thanks for the informative response. I really am not looking for a great deal. I would be happy with a fixed amount to compensate a repair and a good will payment. I would also like an engineer to come back and fix the ineffecient cable run. This is literally a 20 min job. 

can forum staff please help ?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Yes they will help, but it takes 2 or 3 days for them to get to your post.

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Hey @Kevz65, thanks for reaching out to us on the forums.

I'm sorry to hear abut the issues with the install and the quality of it 😞
We aim to provide a better service than this.

I will assist you further and look in to this for you.
I will send a private message - watch out for the purple envelope inviting you in.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Thanks. I’ve replied.