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Outside Omnibox and cable needs moving


Basically I’ll try to keep things simple.
I live in a terrace house built in the 1910’s. I have a small front ‘garden’ area (about 15-20cm ish from the end of the pavement to the wall of the house).

I have never realised till today, but my brown Virgin Media Omnibox (outside) is attached to a shared wall between my front garden and my next door neighbours. The thick black wire (pics below) goes into it from the street and then 3 cables (pics below) come out of it to the wall of my house. Shouldn’t the box be attached to the house itself rather than a shared wall? I’ve seen house that have it attached to the wall of the house.  

We are planning to rebuild it due to subsidence over time and thought it would be just as easy as taking the cable off of the cable holders and clipping it back on the new wall. However would we need an engineer from Virgin Media to come and take the brown box off the wall and put it back in later when it’s finished since I can’t touch or change VM’s cabling?
If they do have to come out, would it be easier for them to just relocate the brown box onto my house wall?

If this is going to cost me £99 to come out and move it or whatever, can someone just tell me how to take it off the wall. Is it just as simple as unscrewing it and screwing it on the new one. 



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Re: Outside Omnibox and cable needs moving

Hi theinternetguy


Thanks for posting. 


The honest answer here is if it needs moving, then it would cost £99, we wouldn't advise a customer to do it themselves as if any damage caused they'd be liable for this should we need to come out and fix in the future etc.


Regarding the shared one, they are not as common, though I have seen them.


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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