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No power cable?

Joining in

Hello - My QuickStart box for the hub 5 just turned up but it seems to be missing the power supply for it, how do I go about getting that?


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Sometimes they can be in a hidden part of the package. Otherwise call customer services on 0345-454-1111 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi krisoestergaard, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


Really sorry to hear about this! I am not sure why this would have happened. Have you been able to speak with the team since your post? If not, don't worry - just let us know and I will take it from there 🙂 




Hi Ryan, 

I spoke to someone on Tuesday who said they’d send me a new cable - he told also told me that it was a hub 4 I got, not five. 

I haven’t had any notification about it being despatched or on its way - is there any way you can check if action has been taken and it’s on its way?

We’ve almost been without internet for a week because of this and are obviously desperate to get it 🙂  


We would just send it through the post, 3-5 working days are the timescales. Best

Forum Team

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