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New kit not delivered

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I had an Engineer visit on Tuesday to install a new wall socket. 

He kept in contact with me re his requirements to get the job done, let me know when he was (an engineer's) five minutes away, was polite, tidy abd managed to do the job quickly.  Quite happy with that service. I plugged in my ols kit and it doesn't work.

When I made the order, I was told I'd need new kit and that Yodel would contact me about delivery.

Yodel did this on Tuesday 13th, a little time after the engineer's visit

Point one, because I have no Internet I have to travel to a friend's house to work. As a sole trader i can't afford many days off. It's not like I'm sitting at home, eating up a company's mobile data budget either.

I'll confess I felt a little annoyed that I then had to have another day of chomping through the extra business mobile data that I pay for. My immediate thought was why wasn't this dovetailed into one day of disruption for the client? 

I have a tracking number for my kit, I have the Yodel app. I have nit yet received a two hour time slot when the thing will be delivered. 

I have spoken to the Yodel help team, who say the item is at their depot, as reported on the app, but they can't offer any information as to when it will be delivered because that depot is overwhelmed with the sheer volume of stuff going through. 

I understand current road conditions must be very difficult for drivers everywhere. 

I have failed to successfully navigate past the  Virgin media answering machine and reach a human being on this.

I work as a remote Counsellor, subcontracted out to companies that supply the online platform. I have had clients cancel because they don't want to use phone or chat sessions.. I have said to them, I have absolutely no idea when I will get the Internet up and running. So I have lost income this week. 

At the moment I'm beginning to think my only solution is a 5G phone and a heavier data plan from my business provider.  So that I can at least provide the service my client's need. 

So, one last chance, what can I do to get this new kit delivered today, Friday 16th December, so I can continue working? 

Kind regards




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Alessandro Volta

You're doing the right thing in having the fallback available to 5g. Virginmedia is a residential service and there is no service guarantee.  They do have a business service with an SLA, but that of course costs more.

With a suitable router you can automate the failover so that there is no break in service when Virgin goes down. 

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Alessandro Volta

You're doing the right thing in having the fallback available to 5g. Virginmedia is a residential service and there is no service guarantee.  They do have a business service with an SLA, but that of course costs more.

With a suitable router you can automate the failover so that there is no break in service when Virgin goes down. 

Fibre optic


You have no contract with Yodel.

Virgin Media, not yourself,  have to arrange/insist on  the delivery by Yodel.

How you contact V.M.  ????   will always be problematic. 

On our wavelength

Thank you for your reply.. 

I have tried to contact VM by phone, but coule not navigate past the automated answering machine to find a human to sort this out.for me. 

I have, however, discovered Vodafone cabinets close to my new location. 

I am now considering cancelling this order. There are alternative options as of getting on line our there. 

The inability to talk to a human and the inanity of the automated answering machine,( which basically assumes everything is happening as it should,) plus experiencing this farce for having moved less than a mile, are all solid contributions to that decision. 

Thanks again for your reply


On our wavelength

I've followed the chat about load balancing on another thread. It would be interesting ro play with that.

However, at the moment I'm trying to set up a new home. So I will shelve that for later

I would live to be able to afford a business line with an SLA attached but financing this current caper is scuppering any chance of that in the immediate future

Because I'm subcontracting I'm not getting a great rate. Losing client sessions because I waiting in for a non-delivery loses me income both from the immediate session and the fact my rate of pay increases with the hours worked. So i then also miss a higher rate of pay.


On our wavelength

Just an update, I managed to navigate beyond the automated answering machine and speak to humans somewhere else in the world.

So,I made it clear I wanted to cancel the contract. The person had to ring me back to be able to transfer the call to the relevant department. Included in this transfer was 10 minutes of pop music on the theme of not leaving, being sad about not getting on, etc.  Which I found about as subtle as a brick. 

So then I get through to another human who then transfers me into a pit of silence. I hung on the line for around 1hr 10 mins with 0 results. 

I*ll tey again tomorrow. 



On our wavelength

So I've just received a text message from VM my new line has been activated.

Not sure what difference that will make. 

I know they mean they've activated the service. But I have a rather satisfying image of the new kit coming to life in the freezing bowels of a Yodel depot somewhere, and hopefully wreaking havoc there. 

And, vyet again, there is no oprton in any of the hellp stuff to allow us to flag that the kit has not arrived. 

Just a time limit on the how-tos of 12 hours and some accessibility help eg info about a BSL app, and the availability of Interpreters.


On our wavelength

This is the last update. 

It's a new cable and some extra telephone cable. With sime kind of plastic tool to help do something but I didn't need to use it. 

It's not exactly rocket science to replace the cable between the wall and the splitter. 

  • But still no Internet. 



I am expecting delivery of the Hub 5 today myself and awaiting being sent/given a 2 hour time slot from Yodel. But have only in the last hour just got the message of  "We have received your item for delivery etc" nothing about a time slot though.

However reading all the reports on some of the horrors of this Hub 5, I feel greatly concerned as to its performance, reliability etc. Simply by what problems are being reported which seems far too many for comfort/confidence. It certainly has me wondering if I would be wiser to stick to my Hub 4 especially with it coming up to Christmas and reading that nothing has improved with the 'Service' responses and difficulties in getting anything done or at least speaking to a person whom knows what to do. Anyway I guess it would be prudent to wait until we are in the New year before attempting the install.

Put this in as means of an update:-

They delivered another HUB 4 instead:- so all decisions are now made for me on this matter.

Interestingly on contacting them straight away about it the first lady informed me that they sent the Hub 4 because they have run out of Hub 5's! After a polite but strong discussion she said she would put me through to someone else.

A very nice Newcastle accented person named 'Philip' responded and so I explained all that had transpired to him. Then asked him about the alleged 'Shortage' and he informed me that there was no shortage at all. After further discussion he is sending me out a proper HUB 5. I was also assured that there would be no extra charges or extended contract at all as the original deal stands. I hope that this is of any help or use to any others whom have had similar problems that I have seen on here. BTW they were on the ball on the telephones today - no moans about that from me which is quite refreshing.