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New customer Pre installation connection

On our wavelength

Hi I'm a new customer and my house has never had any cable connection before (previously was with BT with broadband running over old copper phone wires). So engineers will be required for the install which is booked for later this month.

I know some of my neighbours have Virgin media connections and the postcode checker stated that full services were available at my address, however, I've looked in the street and I can't find a service tee outside my house. The pavement was re surfaced over 10 years ago and I can't see why they would tarmac over the tee it it was there. Is this going to cause an issue?

Also I need the brown external connection box to be cabled down the side of the house rather than at the front. Do the engineers get in contact to agree the siting?










Yes, your colleague took all my details and said the Forum Team are unable to help with installation issues, then sent me a complaint reference ( I’m unsure what benefit to me this is ). As the Forum team is unable to assist I’ll just have to wait until either VM decide to do the install or I give up and sign with another supplier, for amusement I attach a photo that shows how far away the VM cabinet is from my property, all I need is a cable pull and the ducting has a draw rope all the way from the cabinet into my house.IMG_2297.jpeg

Chris any progress getting the duct T installed? Think I’ve finally given up, despite many people from the Forum team offering assistance and multiple calls to the pre install line I’ve made zero progress and now it’s a waiting game for the next text moving the install date.


Hi ,I hope you are well. I'm still playing the waiting game too. I've a nice lime green arrow painted on the pavement outside my house but that was done by the original "first pull" team 3 weeks ago. Since then there's been no sign of anyone coming to dig up the pavement and the main installation date I've been given is in a couple of weeks so they've not got long.

We are so sorry to hear that you are still waiting @chrisf1962 our team will have raised the complaint so that this can be addressed by the preinstalls team, they will pass the reference on to you so you can check the complaints progress. 


If you would like us to check anything further please do pop back to the agent you have spoken to via a PM and they will be happy to check.

Chris, Good luck getting a response from the complaints team as Ive heard nothing from them and my complaint was raised 18 April, when I phoned preinstalls they denied the complaints team existed. This is a farewell message, the original pull team just turned up and I'm cabled back to the street cab, 15 minutes in total, so I'll now be moving to the broadband speed section and posting modem logs and latency graphs as it appears fashionable to do so. Good luck and don't spend all the compensation money at once David


Glad to hear you seem to be pretty much sorted now. Hopefully things are looking up for me too as today 2 guys arrived, dug up the pavement and installed a shiny new access point outside my house. All I need now are the pre pull team before the (revised) scheduled installation date of the 23rd.

All the best



And you thought the green symbols by the surveyor were placed there using lasers and gps rather than ‘it’s this house’. So now you have to plan a route that doesn’t involve tacking coax on top of your path, they’ve been dark days when you had to speak to customer services but the man with a pneumatic drill has put it all back on track. Happy install and see you on the T3 drop outs and latency forum 


That made me chuckle. I've actually buried a 32mm pipe, complete with pull wires, from (almost) where they put the new access tee under the path to the side of the house. All I've got to do now is hope that I catch the first pull team when they turn up and show them where it all is. I told the Virgin helpline that I was going to do this and asked them to tell the first pull team to contact me first but I don't hold any hope that they will do anything of the sort.



Dialled in

Chris, one thing you can rely on, no information will be passed to the pull team you will have coax wrapped around your wall and gaffa taped to your path while you are down the shops, I was told I would get a text before they come but they just rocked up, they did a good job and put armoured duct between theirs and mine. A total contrast to VM service I had to log a call with OpenReach tonight and they were here within 30 minutes, phoned me when they were on their way and booked a job in tomorrow, seems we’ll have FttP in a few months so I have somewhere to go if VM doesn’t work out.