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Moving Home, Service not available at new address..

Tuning in

Will be moving to a new address (99% chance) in the next month or so, As an existing customer I was just pre-checking availability on the VM website but it says its not available there.

It is a small new built street completed just a few months ago, so I understand it not showing up yet (as it doesnt even show up on google maps etc. so far), However homes literally all around (but not in) that one short street is virgin media available, including one business premises facing the street having VM business broadband.

So I was wondering if someone from the VM team can help me find out if its going to be possible or feasible to have it installed there, considering what must be prevalent VM broadband cabling pretty much encircling the street & VM Business broadband laid opposite to it.

I just know this will be a giant pain to try and get answers from CS over the phone about, So was hoping to be able to avoid what will likely be hours of multiple phone calls without actually getting at least an idea of feasibility,

Thanks, J


Alessandro Volta

The first thing to do is to check with the site developer if they have pre-wired the estate for broadband connections to either Openreach (BT etc) or Virginmedia.

This will limit the choice you have, because Virginmedia will not come in and dig up a new road.