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Manned installation issue

Hi guys,

I had an installation engineer out to install my hub and virgin box, I bought the house a few months ago and previous owners of the house had virgin media in property, a lot of renovation work has been done in the house and the joiners have removed the internal virgin supply sockets when fitting the new skirtings, there is a virgin media supply to the outside of the house fitted on the front wall. I need the cable ran from the front wall of my house to the living room which is upstairs. Install engineer said it's too difficult to run cable internally and easiest way would be to run cable along edge of sloped roof and in under dormer window into living room. Engineer explained they aren't allowed on roofs, and also said they can't knock any holes in walls to feed cable through as can't be liable for any damage, he said if i want virgin in my house i will have to run a coaxial cable to the living room myself, to phone when I've done this, and it will be an easy job for the next engineer that comes out.

Was wondering has anybody else experienced anything like this? Not happy paying the installation fee, especially when I'm told I have to do half the install myself. Previous homeowners had virgin media installed in several rooms, just got the feeling that it didn't get done because it wasn't an easy job.

Will phone and speak to customer services tomorrow as haven't heard anything from virgin media regarding the incomplete installation, I am now paying a direct debit for a service I'm not yet using.

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Re: Manned installation issue

You cannot run the cable yourself as VM won't let you have it. What you can do is sort out the internal path, doing drilling and lifting up floorboards as necessary, and put in a drawstring to enable the VM technician to pull the coaxial cable into the living room.

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