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I had my broadband and phone installation date yesterday and everything beforehand seemed ok broadband checker said I could have broadband etc the engineer came in the house it was all good, then the gentlemen outside and there was a problem with the wire and that he couldn’t proceed with the installation he needed to get a team out a “pull team” to install a new wire from the box to my house, he said that could take a few days but the other man told me it could take 3 weeks so not really clear, he said I should contact my old provider and ask if they can keep my internet going for a few more days. I rang sky they couldn’t do it so now I have no internet access until this one, I  only cancelled on the installation date cause Virgin said everything was quick and easy and will be no problem. The problem is I work from home due to covid I am a therapist and do online courses I can’t do these now as I have no access to internet, does anyone know how long this process takes? I’ve rang virgin they couldn’t give me an answer and I was passed around each an every department with no definitive answer. 

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Re: Installation

If you need a prepull then this is normally an outside company so yes, it can take a few weeks, but also, it can take a few days. 

I'd get a 3G dongle to manage you in the meantime.