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Installation Date Change


I move house today and was due to have my services connected on the 28/01.

However received an email yesterday stating that this would now be 11th Feb (now changed to 5th Feb) instead.

This will mean both my wife and myself needing to take time off work due to no Internet connection and my children unable to do home schooling.

The install was arranged weeks ago and below is the sequence of events that has led to receiving the worst customer service in memory.

Approx 6 weeks ago my wife spent over an hour on the phone arranging new install.

Was then told it was to early to arrange and was advised a call from the Virgin team would be received the following week.

No callback happened. So my wife once again called the Virgin media team where a number of charges were attempted to be raised for said install.

These charges were then dropped and an install date of 28/01 promised.

Received an email yesterday stating this would now be 11/02.

I then spent 30 mins on hold to only be cut off when the person who answered immediately hung up.

Then spent a further 1hr 45 mins on the phone to be told that wires needed to be pulled so hence the date now being the 11/02.

A new date was then offered of the 05/02.

This still means that myself and wife will still need to take a week off work and my children unable to do school work.

I was also promised a callback from an engineer who as a dongle was potentially available but it was not made clear if I was eligible for this.

No call received.

I then received a call from the install team asking me if wires were in the new property.

I stated that I did not know and asked the question if it would speed up install date and was told "no".

Raising the question as to what was the use or purpose of said call.

I then contacted Virgin via twitter to recieve a reply from a fraudulent Virgin account asking for card details.

When the actual twitter account replied I was advised to call customer services yet again.

Or post my issue to this forum which I have now done, yet again wasting more of my own time during a house move.

All in all this has been a horrendous service experience bordering on utter incompetence.

Your actions leaving me without services for a week during a pandemic will mean myself and wife missing work.

And my childrens education be adversely affected.

Kind Regards 

Daniel Pamphlett.

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Re: Installation Date Change

Hi Dan,


I will be more than happy to look into this for you, so I can help further I will send you an invite into a private chat, please click on the purple envelope to accept.






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