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My neighbour at [removed] wants it installing but everytime he rings virgin there saying we dont have it in your area is there a number he can ring thanks steve


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Kelloggs10, thanks for your post on our help forum and sorry for the late reply.

We're sad to hear your neighbour cannot get a service from us based on their address and post code currently, please refer to this page here where you can view if a property can become serviceable by us. 
This can be checked periodically, so you know once we've expanded our network there too.

You may also let us know if your neighbour is interested in submitting a form to a specialist team about what's the current status and if we can provide the service yet.
For this we'd require some extra information about the person and property in query, then the request will be replied in 10 working days.

We hope the above is of help, please do let us know if you wish us to assist further.

Forum Team

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