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I'm thinking about getting my own router.

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If I put the hub into modem mode, and use my own router, could this cause any issues with tech support down the line? I don't want to be told they can't help me because I'm not using their hub so clearly my router is at fault?

Also, how good is the VM hub anyway? I have the latest. I'm looking at a £100 router, would that be significantly better?


Alessandro Volta

with the hub in router mode and the same with the Orbi you will or can get problems but if the Orbi is in access point mode then all will be fine


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I'm also interested to know this - I don't understand why modem mode is the way to go.

I installed the hub 5 today and was very surprised by its wifi speed and coverage. I tested the speed all over the house and garden before plugging in my Synology router (I kept the hub 5 in router mode).

I have an old Asus router hooked up to the Synology router (wired) at the other end of the house (conservatory), so wifi reaches the garage. I also use the Asus router for a wired connection in my conservatory.

Unfortunately, the Hub 5 wifi doesn't quite make it to the garage, but in most of the house, it's faster than the Synology (which surprised me!). This means i'll still need the Asus in the conservatory.

Basically, why bother putting the hub 5 in modem mode when connecting another router?


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Very Insightful Person

Providing the additional routers are running as Access Points, there is no issue with this. However, running multiple Routers in router mode is a recipe for disaster.

If you want better control over your network, a 3rd party Router and modem mode is the best option.  This way you can buy your own kit and take responsibility for running it as you see fit.  Most ISP routers are usually built to a price and don't offer the granularity of options that a 3rd party router can provide.

Horses for courses, and yes, the majority of end users are quite happy with ISP hubs, but some users prefer more control over the network.

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Very Insightful Person

The reason why modem mode is best is that the hubs have a very underpowered CPU and when they are not doing NAT, switching or WiFi they work much better.

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