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How can they be this bad?

Complete and utter joke of a company! Seriously, how can they be this bad?

Just spent hours of my life (again) being passed from pillar to post. All I was doing was trying to re-arrange an install...

3.30pm (half an hour to get through) - First person I spoke to today said "no problem, we can sort that for you". 

"At last, I thought"...then after another half an hour on the phone (multiple holds) she says "For some reason it won't let me change the date on the system, let me transfer you to someone else"...transferred me...immediately hung up!

Rang back (20 minutes to get through) - spoke to someone else...asked me my password - which I have never set then asked me a number of "security questions" which they proceeded to tell me were incorrect (they were not) said they had to transfer me to someone else to verify I was who I said I was.

More hold time (about 15 minutes) - Eventually verify my identity ...

"OK, so what can I do for you?"

"I would like to re-schedule my install please"

"OK, let me put you through to the install team" 😭

Even more hold time (45+ minutes)...
Same security questions asked..."what can I do for you? blah blah" ...told her what date I needed.
"Let me just put you on hold" 😡
Another 20 minutes on hold... why on earth??
Came back on and asked me to confirm the date I wanted 😂
Another 10 minutes hold...

Finally confirmed the change of installation date almost 3 hours after I first called.

Worse than useless.

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Re: How can they be this bad?

They can't be worse than useless if you managed to get to do what you rang up to do 🙂 

What you do need to however is login to your online account to make sure they did actually change the date 😄 


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Re: How can they be this bad?

All because it took longer than 5mins.

**bleep** we are in the middle of a PANDEMIC, not everything is getting done as fast as it can.

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