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Home phone won’t connect to VM

Joining in
  1. Hi.

I just swapped 2 days ago from Bt to VM but my ‘corded’ deck phone has no dial tone. VM didn’t leave me any cable or adaptor so I’ve use a standard 4-core RJ11 cable to connect from phone to VM hub Tel-1 port. Am I doing something wrong or should VM have given be some extra-special cables etc. FYI, when I signed up to VM they said I would keep my old BT number.




Alessandro Volta

Firstly, see if telephony is enabled on the hub. If you log into the VM hub it should say telephony is ready/enabled on the welcome page when you have logged in.

Secondly, check the internal wiring of your RJ11 to RJ11 lead (which is usually possible if the connectors are clear plastic and you can see the individual cable colours inside the connector). Sometimes the internal configuration of the RJ11 cable wires may not make the right connection from one end to the other.

The centre two pins of the RJ11 plug into the VM hub should link through to the required pins on your phone base (which would normally also be the centre two pins). Look into the RJ11 socket on your phone base to confirm.

You would normally be allocated a temporary phone number when your VM service is first set up. Your BT number should then be ported over to your VM line to replace the temporary number.