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Gig1 wiring work required?

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Hi all. I currently have M350 broadband running through a Hub 3, installed around 4 years ago. I'm due to have Gig1 installed in 4 days, with a Hub5 router. 

Will the new router connect to the existing internal wires, or will there be new wiring inside needed?

My current wiring runs from the outside wall box across the front of the house, entering near the door and the going under the floor to the router point. I'd prefer to keep wiring under floor, so I need to know if there is additional requiring required so I can lift the floor in advance of the engineer visit. Of course, this involves potentially wrecking laminate, so if its not needed even better, I just need to know. Telephone customer service said there would be no wiring required, but possibly some wiring required (yeah, exactly). Any help is much appreciated!


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
It'll be a straight swap for your existing Hub. The coax can handle Gig1.

You may want to check the standard of any Ethernet cabling though - ideally that needs to be at least Cat 5e
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Brilliant, thank you!