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First time Virgin installation to premises - duct blockages?

Hi, first time posting here so forgive me if this has been asked before.

Basically I have placed an order with Virgin as I was being continuously messed about by BT/ Open reach regarding fibre installation from BT.

Engineers were out to the properly previously and discovered that there was a blockage somewhere and that a 'CAT 5' dig team would be required.  Long story short, every time I get an appointment for this work to be done no dig team arrives so it can't be done and it just keeps dragging on and on.

I have decided to switch to Virgin as I have been advised that they are nothing to do with the Open reach network and the issues that open reach were having with the property will not impact virgin being able to complete their installation.

However after reading a bit more, some people are saying that virgin do connect through underground ducts etc and I am now worried that the same blockages that open reach were talking about will now prevent Virgin from completing the installation.

Obviously I do not wanting to go down another lengthy process of trying to get fibre into the premises as I have been left with useless copper internet for 2 months due to BT/ open reach not being able to get it sorted.

Can anyone please advise if there is potential this will impact Virgins work or do they use completely different ducts etc and so it should be a problem?  Forgive me I am not entirely knowledgeable on the process of the underground installations.




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Re: First time Virgin installation to premises - duct blockages?

Let me take a look at this for you. I will message you as i will need some more detail.

In the most part its seperate ducts but in some new areas we are using BT ducts.

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