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Fibre installation query

Joining in


Is it possible to get fibre installed to my ground floor flat ? My neighbour (yellow arrow) has recently had it installed, but after doing an address search via virgins website it says its currently unavailable at my flat (red arrow). 


Alessandro Volta

How would the cable get there from the street cabinet?

Would the building management agree to the digging/building work?

Who would pay for it? 

Answer those questions and then you can approach Virginmedia. 

Thank you for the reply ! My neighbour said virgin was installed on the main road and the engineer was able to access the ducting for the phone lines, and install it that way, which wasn't destructive at all. Obviously that might not be the same for my flat as im in an apartment block, so it could be layed out differently. I guess im just curious whether it could be done easily enough. I rent my flat, and it is maintained by another company, so it's probably not worth the hassle. Thanks anyway. 

By all means wait for an official reply from a staff member here, but based on previous enquiries with buildings like this it is very likely to be too hard/expensive for Virgin to deal with. They tend to avoid installations that are not simple and cheap to connect. 

Trouble shooter

Securing the landlords permission in writing comes before approaching VM.

Don't be surprised if the request is refused without discussion.

The landlord or building owner will typically not permit drive way damage, ad-hoc cables on the exterior or any wall drilling.

yeah i get that, hopefully a staff member will reply, to be honest me and my partner may only be hear for a couple more years so it may not be worth the hassle.

Hi chubbycentipede,

Thank you for your post. I can certainly take some details and pass them over to another team to look over this. 

I will private message you now.