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External connection box disaster

On our wavelength


I am an ultimate volt customer. An engineer called to fit a new 360 mini box last month. Since the installation my tv screens have been buffering and freezing altogether. I was upgraded from 600 mpps to gig1 but my speeds have dropped drastically, on occasions as little as 50mpps. My external box is in an area I seldom pass I was horrified when I saw it the other day, see image below. I spoke to retentions who frankly didn’t understand my complaint, eventually they agreed to send an engineer in about a couple of weeks but it would cost me £25 which they would refund

Is this anyway to leave a job I certainly don’t think so.

My concern is that the poor installation is almost certainly causing my poor speeds, buffering and screen freezing. I am also concerned that it may be a danger to animals should they bite through the thin cabling.

I am hoping that a member of the forum team might be able to assist.




Hey BigChippy, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry your Ominbox is damaged.

I can see you have been speaking to our team recently, have they managed to get this resolved for you? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hello Matthew, thanks for responding. I discovered yesterday when contacting virgin (after a loss of tv service) that I do have an appointment on the 5th November to repair/replace the external box, this seems some time away. Problems with my tv service may or may not be related to my external box, when I called yesterday I was advised of upgrading work in my area which would be resolved within 24 hours. Earlier contributors suggest that the box should be replaced and or moved given that the splitter could not be inside the box. For what it’s worth my home phone lines seems to be hanging on by a thread. I am hoping matters will be resolved shortly🤔


Hi Matt, further to my earlier is there anyway the engineer calling to rectify the problem can see an image prior to their visit so that they can insure that they have the necessary parts to resolve matters. Please advise. Stuart 

Thanks for coming back to us @BigChippy.

When we book in a special request order, the order would be noted with the work that needs to be completed.

Ultimately the work you require is fairly routine and wouldn't cause too much difficulty for whoever takes on the job.

Kindest regards,