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Exposed cables, damaged street box

Joining in

I would like to enquire about reporting a damaged box outside of my house. It looks like someone has either kicked or detached the cover of the box which is nowhere to be seen and cables are hanging out and everything is loose inside whats left from the box. Would you please let me know what is the quickest and best way of reporting this so it gets sorted before any incidents occur. Thank you



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The above refers to the big VM street boxes that serve many properties. If it’s just the omnibox that is attached to your property the primary place to report faults is Customer Services on 0345 454 1111/150 if you have a VM landline or wait two or three days for a VM staff member to get to your post.

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Thank you Tudor, yes I was referring to the small brown plastic box attached to the property. I had already seen the link and report form for street eqipment but thought it was only for the bigger green metal VM boxes that have a code on them as well as the form reqired filling that in as well. 

Hi there Ignatov,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.

Sorry to hear that your external box cover is exposed/damaged, so we can get this sorted I've dropped you a PM.

The message will appear within the purple envelope icon.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your cooperation over PM Ignatov,

The appointment has now been booked in for you.

Do let us know how it goes! 

Take care,


Thank you for your help Kain, an engineer came in first thing this morning and fixed it for us. Once again your help and time is much appreciated.

No problem at all @Ignatov and thanks for the kind words.

I'm glad we were able to get that rectified for you. 

If you do have any future queries then be sure to pop back up to the team for assistance.