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Expanding Virgin Media

Settling in

I have live on a private road it not a big road but at the bottom of the road there houses that receive virgin media how hard would it to get virgin to install it on my road is the internet we have is terrible

you can walk to the bottom of the road within 10 seconds and everyone else has it sept from my road


Alessandro Volta

Virgin are alwys reluctant to install in private roads because they will need permissions/wayleaves from everyon affected and this is often difficult to obtain.  It would really be for you to establish who owns every bit pf land between the cable box and your land.   If this is a new development, say <10 years they won't want to be digging up the road.

They would need several applications from residents in the road to make it economic to proceed.

This is separate from any capacity limitations in their local network.

is there anyway to just like run a cable lol im fed up of 30mbps 

Check with Openreach when they will be upgrading their network to FTTP in your postcode.

says they do not have any plans to build in this exchange sadly

You must be in a very remote location. Most built up areas will be connected sooner or later,

the houses 10seconds away all have virgin i was about to ask if they will let me run a ethernet ah but that prob wont be a good idea

Hi Matrixs19832, 

Welcome to the community and thank you for your posts. 

I am very sorry to hear your property does not currently have our service installed. 

Have you registered for updates regarding the expansion in your area? If not, you can do so here:

Let us know if you have any further questions.