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Joining in

I took out a contract with Virgin Media in November, at the point of sale I explained to the agent on the phone that the line coming into my house is damaged and they will need to look in to fixing that before they can get me connected(informed by the previous owner) . I was told that according to their system there was no damage and I was misinformed, and they will get me connected on 10th of December.

On the 10th technician came and ran the internal cables and after an hour of work said that the cable coming into my house seems to be damaged and they will need to do external works. I told him I was assured by their agent that the cables are fine. I called customer service and they said it’s the pre install team I need to speak to and pre instal team said I need to speak to customer service. Being bounced around for 3 hours I was finally told that external works will be completed by the 6th of Jan and it will all up and running. Feeling exhausted I agreed and waited till 6th of Jan. 


6th of Jan came and no one turned up and after spending another 2 hours on the phone I was told it will be the 7th when someone comes. I was told that I was mistaken  and it’s that it’s was booked for the 7th. I told them I had email and text to confirm the date of 6th but never mind I can wait one more day. While on the phone I was assured that the external works are being carried out the 6th (yet there was movement outside my house). 

7th came and the same technician turned up and said they haven’t done the external works so we can’t get you connected. He said Kelly communication handles the external works in my area and I should keep an eye out for them. After yet another 3 hours in the phone I was told the new install date is the 28th of Jan. Reluctantly I accepted yet again as I am aware if I cancel now I won’t be compensated for issue so far. 

The week before the 28th I called them again to confirm when the external work will be carried out and I did this everyday for 4 days to be told it will today between 8am to 8 pm and I had to wait. Finally I got frustrated and called Kelly communications and asked for answer and they informed me that virgin media need to apply for permit for them to carry out the works and it hasn’t been submitted to it will be minimum a week before they can carry out any kind of work. So after that called Virgin Media and after 2 hours I was told the new install date is the 4th of Feb. 

Two days before the 4th Feb I get an email saying we have moved your install to the 25th of Feb. After receiving this email I called up once again and was told that council hasn’t still approved the permit so it will take longer. I was surprised by that so I called Kelly communications and they said that the permit Virgin media applied for was the wrong one and that the one they applied for was granted but it don’t allow them do the work they needed. So they have to wait for Virgin Media to apply for the correct permit and then they can carry out the works. 

Today I get another email from virgin media informing of yet another delay to the date of 17th March. Can someone suggest anyway to get this install done and how I can claim back the additional amount I am currently paying as I am out of contract with my current provider and they are taking liberties on how much they charge me. I am having to accept the charges as I can’t cancel my current provider till I am connected with Virgin media. I have lost all energy to call them as I never get a straight answer from them. Please help 


Alessandro Volta

The agent you first spoke to about the cable was simply lying in order to get a sale. All in a day's work.

Read some of the other cases down this page, and you will get a good understanding of how Virginmedia installations work and what to expect.

On second thoughts, wait until morning or it might give you nightmares.

Welcome to Virginmedia! 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @kashmehta 


Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 


I am so sorry to hear that you have had faced this issue with your installation and you have had this experience with us. I can fully understand your frustrations and unhappiness in this situation. 


I'd like to look into this further with you via a Private Message. I will pop one across now, please keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right corner of your screen alerting you to a new message. 


Thank you.