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Delayed ,delayed installation and failed,failed promise. Tried and frustrated.

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I book a broadband installation before I moved in on 9th Nov,2022. They promise to finish to installation on 26th Nov. But I got a sms on 25th, told me everything is not done yet. But the outside work should be done 2 weeks ago. This is the first delay. The installation date postpones 16th Nov,2022. I called the hotline. They promise me everything will be done within November, and someone will call me. But clearly nothing happens. Then the installation date postpones to January 2023 without any reasons. This is the second delay. I called them. They promise to send a Wifi dongle with around 132mbps for me. But what I got is 1mbps. I called them again. They sent me a new sim card which cannot activate. I called them. They promise me to set an earlier installation which is 29th Dec,2022. And the outside work will be done on the early December. But the date of outside keep delaying every day. I called the hotline again. They told me will send a technician to have a pre-installation visit to see what happen and which the third-party keep delaying. They told me someone will call me and visit my flat today. BUT NO ONE COME AND CALLED ME. I called them again. They promise me the manger will call me back. BUT NO ONE CALLED ME. It seems that the 29th Dec installation will be failed right? 

I am fking frustrating, angry and waste nearly 20 to 30 hours to talk to Virgin customer service. Every time and every call they give me a new promise and never come true. I am choosing virgin because my friend recommends me to use. I believe in your customer service's staff, but they just fake me and keep me waiting. They are repeating the same answer and do not know anything about the real situation of my case. It is 2022 and coming 2023. What kind of service is this? I just want everything set up and can use the Wi-Fi before 2023. Is it too hard for such a big company?

The customer service said that they knew and remarked me is working at home and cannot live without Wi-Fi. What a joke. 🙂



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Sorry, typo. In the third line "The installation date postpones 16th Dec,2022"

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi kwan5b

I appreciate this has been a very frustrating time and you were looking forward to enjoying your new service. We want nothing more than to provide the service but the problem as you may have been made aware is one of construction.

We do not come across these issues until we action the installation. When you first call, the Sales team check to see if the address is marked as serviceable. This simply means the architecture is in place. In this case it is. Prior to you install a crew come out to what we term pre-pull the external cable. It’s at this point we sometimes come across constructions issues. Services are subject to availability.

The cable works will be done at any point until the date of installation, please let us know how it goes on the 29th December. 

Kind regards, Chris. 

Alessandro Volta

kwan5b, search this forum for the topic "delayed installation", and read some of the many threads that come up (for example this one).  I regret the information won't help you, but will at least allow you to condition your expectations (and to be aware that long delays, broken promises, and inaccurate information are quite normal for Virgin Media).