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I have just moved into my apartment where there is an active virgin media line & everyone else in the complex has virgin media. 

I am trying to set up a new account for my apartment and I'm being told that there is a capacity issue however, next door (literally a door knob apart) are able to recieve virgin media services  

This doesn't make any sense to me. I have looked into different network providers however, virgin media is the best for the area. 

The staff I speak to on the phone are rude and aggressive!!! I just want to re activate the broadband, I'll even take over the old tenants account if that works out better. 

I work from home and need the connection. 


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Are you sure you want to join a company that is rude and aggressive towards a prospective customer over the phone? Also have a chat with your neighbour and ask about the quality and speed of their VM broadband connection. There might actually be good responsible reasons to say no to you for now re capacity in your area but these should be communicated to you in an equally good and responsible way by VM. The staff on here are generally much better btw. 


It's the top network for the area. I have spoken with the tenants and they have no problems with the WiFi service. If next door wasn't eligible to recieve it, I would just take the loss. The property is probably blacklisted from precious tenants however, I've been more than happy to provide documents stating I live there.

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Fair enough. The good experience of your neighbours is encouraging. I'm sure the VM forum team will want to explore this further with you. 

Hi @Msdrobac 

Welcome to the community and please accept our apologies for the difficulties you are having in getting connected. If it is ok with you i would like to look into this for you to see if i can do anything to help.Sometimes we have to lock down our network to new accounts due to the volume of active customers we have in a certain area, this is because we need to make sure we are no oversubscribed resulting in poor services to existing customers.  

I will send you a private message for some details and see if anything can be done.

Thank you again,



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