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£35 Fee!!!

Joining in
Recently upgraded, was told despite TEN years of loyalty that yes I had to be charged to set up fee. Days later I see everywhere these volt packages not only giving all sorts for and 18 month contract like mine but FREE of this apparently unavoidable charge!!! How do i go about getting my set up fee back ? Can these actions really be legal? What will the ombudsman say?


Unfortunately, yes it is perfectly legal, the ombudsman will say nothing at all. It really wouldn’t surprise me to find that no two VM customers are paying the same price for the same service! There are so many historic discounts, monthly refunds, retention offers in play here.

The £35 is an admin fee for changing a contract, sometimes they waive it, sometimes they don’t - but ultimately, the contact is between you and VM, it doesn’t matter what others are paying, I’m afraid, you either pay the sum requested, or see if you can’t get it waived or decline the upgrade and stay as you are.