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Happier travels. Now you can use your mobile in the EU at no extra cost.

This means you can use your mobile for calls, texts and data when travelling to the EU and pay no more than you would in the UK (*subject to our Fair Use Policy). You will also be able to call and message other mobiles and home phones in the EU* while you’re travelling and this will be taken from your tariff allowance.

If you should go over your allowances, run out of credit or need a bit more data, you’ll still pay no more for extra minutes, messages and data than you would back home. We don’t want you to return home from your travels to face any nasty surprises on your bill, so we will cap your data roaming usage at £36 (excluding VAT) unless you let us know otherwise.

Before You Go.

A few days before you leave, get your mobile setup for a trip abroad before you go. Just let us know by switching Roaming on and make sure that International Call Bar is off.

  1. Log into Your Account and select the Manage Services tab
  2. From there scroll down to the Roaming section
  3. Click the slider to the On position
  4. Whilst you're there, check that your International Call Bar is also switched off and you're all set to go

More information

Check out these Virgin Mobile links for additional support on roaming and using your mobile abroad:

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