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On Thursday 11th January, we'll be welcoming an expert from Nokia to join us on the Community to answer any questions you have.

Please feel free to pop your questions in the Nokia Ask the Experts thread - they can be anything related to Nokia products, such as the iconic Nokia 3310, apps and features, what's round the corner in the tech world - or even a humble brag about your high score on Snake.

You can also ask questions on the day itself, but any in advance will get more chance of being answered - and we'll rattle through them on the day.

Nokia: ask the experts session
Thursday 11th January

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When does the Virgin tv boxsets get  updated? I was told it would be Jan/Feb on the phone just before Christmas last year there. I tried contacting u online on your official site but the woman on your messenger messenger was useless and said she only dealt with 'new' customers.The woman i contacted online said to call in, and i do but didn't hear anything about what i needed. I tried looking again online on your site again, to see for 'existing' customers like woman said. But didn't see anything! When i asked woman earlier after her telling me she only dealt with new customers, i said to her can't you just pass me over to the right department? she said couldn't so i asked her well what topic was i supposed to pick on your site, because there wasn't exactly a button that said 'for existing customers', she didn't know either! So, can you please please tell me WHEN these new Virgin box sets are to be getting updated. And im talking about a new entire boxset. Thats whats supposed to happen isnt it? Becase i got a reply from you on Twitter saying "We do update our OnDemand and BoxSets on a weekly basis however it does depend heavily on licencing and permissions from the content creators or originating networks. ^CC" Which i didn't understand  and updating on a weekly upbasis?? This doesnt get updated weekly??

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