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Updated 1st February 2017:
Discovery have now announced that no channels are being withdrawn from their existing UK providers today.


Discovery have announced that some people may be losing access to their channels next week.

But if you’re a Virgin Media customer, don’t worry!


Discovery, Animal Planet, TLC and Eurosport won’t be disappearing from your Channel Guide.

Although the channels are showing some messages warning about this, you’ll be pleased to know that there is no change and they will still be available to Virgin Media TV subscribers.


Existing Customers: Upgrade your package

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Very Insightful Person

A major competitior of Virgin's is taking a large gamble here (if it actually happens that is). I can hear the phones ringing at VM sales right now. 

Knows their stuff

I can't imagine since lastime virgin lost some channels in last report over payout over free view this was last year and virgin decided to keep the channels sky will be loosing lots of money over their basic channels package 


I remember when the Sky channels disappeared from Virgin Media - and the viewing figures plummeted.

Knows their stuff

Yes Andy they wanted your decision to keep the channels buy ringing in 150 and they told us its our decision to keep them and we had to vote to keep the channels 


Maybe this could be used as a sweetner for us getting Sky Atlantic?

Hopefully VM will get first dips on F1 in future as Liberty Media now own it.

Knows their stuff

I'm sure if sky tv package is dropping the channels then it would mean the package wouldn't be worth a penny the amount it's loosing sky could loose a lot over this whichever way I'm writing this there will be lots of customers ringing in to sky about this getting money back or quitting 


I usually bite my tongue before commenting on grammar, spelling, and punctuation but I can't make sense out of the last post.

Sorry for bringing it up and apologies if I've broken any forum rules.

Tuning in

whatever happens the only loser in this will be the subscriber,if discovery stays on sky then i cant see sky swallowing the cost,will be passed straight to them,sky doesnt come out of this looking rosy neither do discovery,wonder what will happen when carraige comes up for renewal on vm!

Joining in

What happens when discovery is due to be renewed and they want a higher price will virgin media pay this or get rid of discovery channels just like sky are. 


Unlikely James144, I believe the Discovery channels are owned by Liberty Media who os the same company which owns Virgin Media and now Formula 1.

Very Insightful Person

Discovery & Sky have reached a last minute deal.

Panic over:

Community elder

The potential mass migration of Discovery watchers from Sky to Virgin Media, averted. (Are there really enough of them to have made much of a difference anyway?)