Curzon Home Cinema comes to TiVo®

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Watch the best in new independent Cinema with the Curzon Home Cinema TiVo App


The service, curated by Curzon cinemas, gives Virgin Media customers access to a range of independent films at the same time they are released into UK and EIRE cinemas, as well as classic and themed collections handpicked by Curzon’s movie experts.


Titles on the service include the multi award-winning Still Alice, Manglehorn starring Al Pacino and Andrew Haigh’s acclaimed 45 Years (available from 28th August).


The variety and class of films available allow film fans access to a library of quality independent cinema, all at the touch of a button. 




There are two ways for you to register an account.


Either by selecting REGISTER from the Home menu. Or when renting a film, if you're not signed in, you are invited to register a new account.


Curzon Home Cinema is a non-subscription based service so offers a ‘pay as you watch’ rental system allowing you to watch the films they like without a monthly subscription.


While watching a trailer, you can select 'Watch this film' to rent the full length video asset and invoke the payment process.


There are 3 different payment methods you can choose to rent a film.


If you're signed in with a Curzon Home Cinema  Account you can pay for a rental with a single Credit / Debit card payment


Or with an existing  PayWizard e-wallet account. If you've not paired their e-wallet, you will be invited to do so before continuing with the rental payment process. If the selected movie has an age restricted status or you do not have your PayWizard account set to pre-authorised, you are asked to enter their PayWizard PIN before confirming your purchase request.


If you've already signed in with a Curzon Home Cinema account paired with a PayWizard account, you will not need to sign in again. Great!


Finally, you can also opt to pay for a film via the website. Having signed in on the website, browsed to the film of choice and completed the purchase process, the entitlement becomes available on your TiVo set top box too. Awesome.



Once paid for, the film is available across a number of platforms. In addition, you can pause movies then resume watching on another device, meaning you'll never miss a moment of viewing.



For more information on Curzon Home Cinema: and FAQs:


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