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Community Manager (Retired)


We're about to upgrade the platform the Community runs on. This means that the Community will be more efficient, more compliant, and more secure. As well as turning off support for TLS 1.0 there are going to be a couple of stylistic changes that you may notice as a result of this update.

Here's an overview. 

Private Message page

  • Inbox display has changed - click the Message Title (below username) to view
  • Message preview is displayed beneath the title, allowing members to read shorter messages without clicking and loading the message itself
  • More prominent ‘New Message’ button added
  • New messages highlighted with a pink vertical bar and title in red
  • Larger text in the message, clearer display of options beneath the message


  • Search options have moved to the top, optimising your view on mobile devices
  • New Search modifiers for a more tailored advanced search function
  • More space to view the search results as it now takes up the full width
  • New, member-specific search – click into somebody’s profile and the search dropdown presents an option for that member, you can now search their content to find their sage-like advice.

Community FAQ

  • Mobile friendly accordion type sections, only display the content that’s relevant
  • Larger, bold headings for specific sub sections

This update will allow us to focus on making the community a great place to get help and support from Virgin Media and from all the brilliant members.

We won't be resting there, and have lots of small changes and new features lined up - tweaks and refinements - to make sure you can see the right content at the right time, and get the most out of the community.

Best wishes,




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Up to speed

Thanks James - when will these changes be made?

Community Manager (Retired)

Hi @studio_54 
The major things have been competed in the background.



Not completely sure if this is directly caused because of the updates, but at the same time - when viewing the mobile version, the "Jump to first unread post in a topic" has stopped working, using a Moto G4 - Android 7 - Chrome (latest version).

Up to speed

HI @james_w

Thanks for the reply - so what are the 'minor things' we can expect?!  I only ask because your update suggests these things will be happening in the future (athough that was Monday and you replied on Wednesday, and it's now Friday just after midnight!)