Channel number changes

Virgin Media Staff

We’re making some changes to our TV channels

We keep working hard to improve our TV service to continue to bring you the very best in entertainment content. To ensure we continue to do this, we’re moving a few channels around to new homes, effective 29th November 2016.

You’ll see these changes in your TV Guide, and we’ve also provided a summary of the changes in this article, to give you a little head start.

This won’t affect the content you’re already getting from these channels – planned recordings, series links, WishLists and Favourites will stay exactly the same.

Press the Guide button on your Virgin TV remote to check out the new location of the channels, or have a look below to see the new numbers

ID moves from 253 to 170
ID+1 from 254 to 171
DMAX from 170 to 213
DMAX+1 from 171 to 214

Channel 4 +1 moves from 143 to 142
Channel 4 HD from 142 to 141
More 4 HD from 203 to 195
4 Seven from 195 to 143

Remember, these changes will be effective from 29th November. 

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