BBC Watchdog 7th November

Virgin Media Staff

3345__500x550_virgin_media_high_resolution.pngFollowing BBC's Watchdog's feature on WiFi speeds, Richard Sinclair, Executive Director of Connectivity at Virgin Media, said:

The vast majority of our customers receive their advertised speed, or above, at peak times and, under new rules introduced by the Advertising Standards Authority earlier this year, we were the only broadband provider to see our advertised speeds increase. We are continuing to invest in our ultrafast network to ensure our customers get the service they expect from us.

Virgin Media fully complies with Ofcom’s current voluntary Code of Practice and we’re planning for implementation of the updated version of the Code in March next year.

Problems with broadband speeds, particularly when tested over WiFi connections like the examples provided, do not necessarily relate to network problems. They can often be caused by many in-home factors, outside of a provider’s control, such as the positioning of a router, interference from other connected equipment, the age and specification of customers’ devices and the WiFi channel a router is using.

Using the independent, Ofcom-approved software embedded in our latest routers, we’ve looked into all of the customer cases Watchdog provided. Our tests, taken directly from the router situated in the home, show speeds consistently above the advertised speed even at peak times. We have contacted these customers and offered to send out an engineer to help resolve any outstanding in-home connectivity issues.


If you would like to know more about how to get the most out of your WiFi, then please take a look at our WiFi Wins video series.

And if you do have concerns about the speed of your broadband connection in general, then please follow the steps on our Broadband speed check article.

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