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superhub 5 in modem mode has not disabled wifi

Joining in

Recently activated a Superhub5, and placed it into modem mode. The previous model (I think I had a 3) would - as I had hoped - disable the Wi-Fi.

This has not been the case - the original Vxxxxxx Access point is still being broadcast - and altohugh I can associated to it - "nothing is there" no DHCP and no interface services - just WiFi polluting the - already quite busy - local spectrum. Have I gone mad? missed something? anyone else noticed this?



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Have you got any WiFi extenders of any sort, they could be transmitting the old SSID. If not make sure the LED on the hub is green to indicate modem mode. Next thing to do is a full reset of the hub and start from scratch.

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Alessandro Volta
What happens when in modem mode and you power off the hub for 2mins have nothing wired to it but you try to connect by wifi?