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internet connection

For the past few months I have been kicked out of wifi, as my notebook didn't have an ethernet port I bought one and connected. Since then I have noticed that both WiFi and ethernet connections have been subject to outages ( connection disappears). I recently bought a new laoptop and am experiencing the same issues. I don't know how many times I have rebooted the router. Has anyone else experienced this issue, or is it just my bad luck manifesting itself somewhere new. 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: internet connection

Firstly I would set up a BQM at - this will give you an insight into what is happening with the signal coming into the property, it will take a few hours to get any kind of trend showing.

In the meantime it may be a good idea to carry out a factory reset on the Hub …

With the Hub Powered on use a paperclip or similar do a pinhole reset.

Depress the pinhole switch for a timed 60 seconds then release.

DO NOT reboot the hub but allow it 5 to 10 minutes for it to boot itself up.

Once a steady white and no other lights are illuminated check system again.

The factory reset will show up as a vertical red line on the BQM and is a defined starting point.


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My Broadband Ping - 26_Aug_2020
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