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Xbox headset Microphone stopped working

My son has had an Xbox since Xmas the head set has worked fine. A few days ago the microphone stopped working and there is a constant symbol on the screen of a microphone with a line through. I’ve checked the head set and every setting that may stop it working and everything is as it should be. It has been suggested by the staff in game that it may be something to with connection to router. Can any one help ??

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Re: Xbox headset Microphone stopped working

Hi, try these suggestions


1. Go into settings (cog wheel) look for option to access controller settings, press the 3 dots on the left had side check for controller update.

If that does not work do a reset on console, if that does not work then 3rd option is turn console off remove power for 30 seconds turn back one see if that works


Make sure he does not have the mic muted 

Check the headset on a tablet or mobile you a voice recorder app see if the microphone works and play music to see if the earpieces work, if they do and all above does not get it to work it will be the controllers 3.5mm jack plug.


The console will be under warranty as comes with 2 years warranty, if the controller was supplied with the console and not bought seperate that will come with 12 months warranty.


You will need to contact Microsoft to arrange a repair under warranty, or you could book the repair online by logging into your Microsoft account.


If you haven't registered the Xbox comsole you'll need to get the serial number which is either underneath/back of the console or on the retail box or in system settings.


Once registered you can book in a serivce, they will email you a returns label, you box up the controller, print out the label they send you and take to a ups drop off point.


Put in a note that the issue is with the.3.5mm hesdsey port, they will test it and make their decision to repair or replace it.


I know as just last week did this process and they agreed it was broken and sending replacement back and just waotong for it to arrive back

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