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Wifi signal blocked by walls - Best method to get around?


I've recently set up my Hub 3 and whilst the wifi is working well in the rooms surrounding the Hub, the signal seems to get blocked by certain walls in the house and the result is that there's no signal at all in the living room, which is no more than 15m from the Hub.

Below is the floorplan of the house. The red dot is where the hub is, and the yellow lines are the walls that block the signal.

I'm trying to work out what the best method is to get around this issue.

I'm not sure about a standard range extender because I think that would just get blocked by the same walls? And I don't think there are any plug sockets in the right locations to make it work.

A mesh network feels like quite an expensive solution from what I can see. I'd quite like to try something cheaper first and see if that works.

I'm wondering about Powerline Adapters. I'm not entirely sure how the technology of these works though, so I don't know if it would help in my case?

Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.


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Re: Wifi signal blocked by walls - Best method to get around?

Powerline adapters are probably the least good way of extending your wifi - they are flakey and don't provide reliable speeds - your mileage may vary, but i'd consider them a last resort rather than a proper solution. 

a better solution, that involves a bit of elbow grease, would be to run an ethernet cable from the hub to the other side of the offending wall and connect a wireless access point to it - these don't have to be expensive (if you aren't that interested in features or the absolute fastest possible speeds...) and will provide a vastly more reliable connection than a powerline device.. you may even have an old wireless router knocking about that could be repurposed as an access point.. 

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Re: Wifi signal blocked by walls - Best method to get around?

I'd suggest running an external rated ethernet cable (Blue), or internal if you can, from the HUB to the Reception Room.

I'd then recommend an access point (Green) like this one in the Reception Room on the other end of the ethernet cable:

You could modify the SSID (Network Name) and password to be the same as the HUB so in theory as the devices lose connection from the HUB they will pick up the Access Point automitically.

EDIT: as per previous post really!